PlantPep™ for Gardens

Healthier soil for beautiful ornamentals and nutritious vegetables.

PlantPep™ for Containers

Container plants indoors and out rely upon you for soil nutrients.

PlantPep™ for Seedlings

Well-fed seedlings produce healthier plants that survive and thrive.

How to Use PlantPep™

To brew a batch of organic fertilizer, all you need is PlantPep™, a two-gallon container and hot water! (view instructions)

We also have specific instructions for applying the brew to seedlings, annuals, perennials, container plants, houseplants, and vegetables.

Looking for HerbMinders®?

Due to increasing demand for our HerbMinders® organic herbal blends, we have created a new, separate website. There you can see our latest blends and order online .

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Herbminders® culinary blends add savory taste & wellness to your cooking!

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